Today's the Day

Tumaro’s is a tortilla brand looking to reposition itself as a wrap brand. They came to We Are Charette hoping to retain current brand equity while taking a bold stand on the deli aisle.

The Brand

This brand is all about the little choices you make every day — trade-ups for your health. To communicate this optimistic message, we developed the tagline “Today’s the day” and a variety of spunky headlines that proudly advertise Tumaro’s as a small change that can do a world of good. “Say hello to deli-cious”, “let’s skip the sandwich” and “Make the s’wich” help communicate Tumaro’s upbeat spirit and empowering message.

Bold colors and strong geometry jump out on shelf and relate Tumaro’s simple message: Today is the day to start making better choices!

Primary Palette

Secondary Palette


Branding / Packaging / Web Design

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