Branding a Place

How do you tell the story of the oldest city in the United States? St. Augustine had been relying on it's coat of arms to educate visitors about the unique benefits of the location but the message wasn't translating to out-of-towners, especially those who come to spend. Focusing on the primary reasons to visit and utilizing a strong iconic style, we successfully rebranded St. Augustine as the place for history and recreation, targeting a higher-end visitor to bring in more affluent tourists.

Visual Bookmarks

We wanted to give visitors a "visual bookmark" to help them find their way around town, and spread foot traffic more evenly throughout the historic districts. The resulting project became a massive wayfinding effort, coordinating multiple teams within the city planning office. We also partnered with Flagler College to create environmentally-friendly reusable bags for local retailers.

City Merchandise

To help spread the message about St. Augustine, we rolled out an entire line of city-branded premium merchandise, a catalog for local merchants, and an online store for wholesale. We also consulted on the city's web presence to increase the new brands' reach.

Ad Campaign

It's the unique combination of history, culture, and natural beauty that make St. Augustine one-of-a-kind; so we developed an ad campaign based on bringing these elements together.