Accounting You Can Trust

Startup’s CPA is an accounting firm that caters to small startup businesses, offering them bookkeeping and tax services. The branding for Startup’s CPA is built on a foundation of trust. Math symbols and Geometric shapes form the face of an experienced and reliable accountant.


Branding / Web Design / Messaging / Stationary

Smart and Sharp

Illustrations and iconography employ a simple style in line with the logo to impart a sense of ease, professionalism, and attention to detail. Details throughout the brand, like the red painted edges on the business cards, reinforce this theme.

Extending the Startup’s CPA Brand

Trusty Taxes is the sister brand of Startup’s CPA, positioned as a tax service for the next gen business owner. We wanted to be consistent with color and illustration style so the two brands can easily share promotions and environments as both companies grow.

Fun and Friendly

FTaxes don’t have to be torture, and they certainly don’t have to look like it. We helped Trusty Taxes differentiate themselves with a friendly, quirky personality that appears helpful, smart, and simple.