One Hot ‘Stache

Straight out of the Lone Star State comes Rick’s Salsa, with a personality as large as Big D. Inspired by Rick himself, we crafted this tounge-in-cheek homage to 70’s hairstyles and a salsa-star was born.


Branding / Packaging / Web / Promotions / Copywriting

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A Family Thing

The founder of Rick’s is actually Dustin, Rick’s son. The brand story is all about family mythology: a summer party, a fateful night; the rest is history. So we try to bring some of that fun into every brand activation with witty storytelling and plenty of nostaglia.

"We're finally in Central Market! Set to hit the shelves of all nine Texas locations first week of May. Couldn't have done it without your creative design and collaboration. Can't wait to work with y'all again on our next products." Dustin McCance, Founder of Rick's Salsa.