Delivering a Helping Hand

Prep Chefs, a frozen food delivery services decided to change thier name to make it easier to understand thier service. They reached out to us to help them communicate ease and reliability to a broader range of customers. Our updated branding helps Ready Cook Meals feel more mainstream, and positions them as a weekly staple to families and empty-nesters.


Branding / Packaging / Web / Promotions

A Service to Rely On

Our goal was to fit Ready Cook Meals into the industry standard, matching style and professionalism to institutions like grocers, cookbooks, and popular food blogs. It's so important to create trust when asking for orders online, so we made every detail and color feel stable, mainstream, warm and friendly.

Simple & Friendly Iconography

To simplfy the concept of frozen meal delivery, we created icons that illustrate the process of ordering, delivery, and preparation. It was our goal to make these icons look and feel easy-breezy so potential clients would interpret the process as simple and friendly.