Mediterranean Organic

Sunkissed Style

From orchards that pre-date the Roman Empire come the fantastic fruits and veggies that make Mediterranean Organic. This briny brand was ready to refresh and We Are Charette was tasked with the challenge of creating a fresh look that maintained current brand equity while making a great impression on new audiences.

“The hand-drawn feel of the typography and logo help to emphasize the hand-picked produce, as well as the individual artistry that our consumers take part in when they use Mediterranean Organic products with their meals.”


Balancing old and new became an important discussion in this project. These ancient vineyards and orchards are such treasures — but on shelf, jars of food tend to look old quickly. Creating a fresh, modern voice with a handmade style was the answer. Working with the fabulous illustrators at Bee Things, we created a library of sunny fruits and veggies combining a vibrant palette and a vintage vibe.

Primary Color

Secondary Wave Colors

Tertiary Color Pops

Casual Culinary

This brand is all about artful culinary experiences in casual settings, bringing the sophistication of brined products to the everyday table. The piquant flavors are echoed throughout palette and photography, communicating the unique taste of produce grown in the Mediterranean sun. Tone of voice is smart but relaxed, and at times, a bit tongue-in-cheek. This speaks to the food-blogger in all of us; consumers who are interested in sharing new tastes and playful culinary experimentation.


Branding / Packaging / Website Design

In Store

We are so excited to see more of this gorgeous brand at Whole Foods and most national grocery store chains.