London Dog Biscuits For Wellness

CC Bear is a boutique canine bakery in London focusing on wellness for dogs. Founded by ex-pat American Christine and named for her beloved pup Bear, this high-end bakery is all about premium, uniquely flavored, meticulously handcrafted delicacies for canines. When CC Bear came to us and asked if we could help develop a line of specially-formulated dog treats, our answer was “we’d Wuf to!”


Branding / Packaging / Messaging

Made With Love

This brand is about wholesome decadence, handmade with love in a romantic, historic environment. The neighborhood where CC Bear makes its home is reknowned for its unique vintage signage, so our mark pays homage to that style and incorporates an iconic bear and baking tools. We helped Christine market her treats to sophisticated Brits in the area looking for healthy treat alternatives for their canine friends. Our design enabled CC Bear to visually tell the story of how they lovingly and meticulously create speciality dog treats and share their values for canine wellness.

Elegant & Cost Effective

Christine hand packs all her specialty dog treats, so we designed easy-to-apply sticker labels as a cost effective option. Vintage engravings are tastefully mixed with bold stripes of color and modern typography a for a harmonious blend of old and new, elevating the brand and appealing to customers in luxurious Belgravia.

Effecacious Messaging

CC Bear’s Dog treats are made with wholesome ingredients full of health benefits. We helped CC Bear consolidate these benefits with short and sweet names along with more detailed health benefit descriptions.